Louise N. Henking

The school was named after Louise Henking, a member of the Board of Education. She was elected in 1948 and served for nine years. A graduate of Simmons College, she was President of the Woman’s

Louise N. Henking

Louise N. Henking

Association of the Glenview Community Church and a member of the Glenview League of Woman’s Voters. She was the first woman President of the Board of Education, serving from 1955–1957. In 1957, the Glenview Junior Chamber of Commerce selected her “Citizen of the Year.” In 1959 Louise Henking was not aware that the newest District 34 School would be named after her. She considered it a great honor but was embarrassed at the prospect of having her name on the building. Mrs. Henking was a “gracious, capable and humble lady.” When visiting, the staff would sense her pride in the school. She enjoyed quiet visits with small groups of children and never wanted any special attention paid to her.

A Diverse School

There are 20 different languages spoken by Henking students: Assyrian; Bulgarian; Greek; Gujarati; Japanese; Korean; Lithuanian; Malay; Malayalam; Malaysian; Persian; Polish; Romanian; Russian; Serbian; Serbo-Croatian; Spanish; Tagalog; Ukrainian; Urdu

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Old Louise N Henking School

Old Louise N. Henking School