1st & 2nd Grade Students Can Ride

We are pleased to announce all first and second grade students will be participating in a Bicycle Training and Safety unit during their PE classes until April 17th. This is made possible through grant funding from the GEF. Students should bring their own properly pre-fitted helmet from home.  For fitting tips you may choose to visit: www.helmets.org/fit.htm Instructional areas will have daily targets including: Bicycle Safety, proper helmet fitting, safe-handling skills, coordination, balance and motor planning.  Students will ride in small groups on school property and Crowley Park. We are in need of parent volunteers to help with small groups of 5-10 students.  Please sign up on the volunteer form at tinyurl.com/bikeHenking


Our CHAMPS target for the month of April is: I can keep my voice at a level 2 in the lunchroom. You can help at home by reminding your children to use a voice level 2 while eating, clean up after themselves, and respect the family members.

Author Barney Saltzberg

We welcomed visiting author Barney Saltzberg with our very own Crazy Hair Day!  Thanks to the Book Stall and Workman Publishing for providing this opportunity and to Mr. Saltzberg for sharing your amazing talents!  Check out this video with some of our Crazy Creations!  CrazyHairDay.m4v

iWonder Lab: Henking's Makerspace

The Henking LRC is proud to announce our newest learning space, the iWonder Lab.  This is a place for students to foster a disposition to creatively solve problems by making and inventing.  Students will be introduced to the engineering design process that involves asking questions, imagining possible solutions, planning, creating and improving on a their plan.  The maker movement is all about teaching our kids to think for themselves, to think creatively, and to look for do-it-yourself solutions.  We would love your help in gathering the following items. Please send any donations to school with your child.

Henking's Weather Procedures

Upon arrival time if it is raining or the "feels like/wind chill" temperature is below 20º the children come directly into building, no outside line-up. For recess, if it is raining or the "feels like/wind chill" temperature is below 10º children remain indoors.   Please remember children must have snow pants, boots and gloves to play in the snow. Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. We follow weather.com for our forecast each day.